Bills vs. Cardinals

Hello all 2,259 NYC Bills Fans!

I was watching the 30 for 30 on the Super Bowl Bills (produced by our buddy Michelle) the other night, reliving those glory days, thinking “man that was fun!”

I yearn for those days, when we fans were confident in our team and knew every game was winnable. Nowadays, you sit back and wonder what new ways the Bills can invent to lose. I’ve stopped blaming the players and coaches for some time now, no matter who has been on the field for the last 16 years, the culture of losing is prevalent at One Bills Drive. I’ve said it before, and will say it again, until the Pegulas clean house in the Front Office this team is never going to shed their losing ways. There are too many lifers with their hands on the team. For example why was Russ Brandon, who is supposed to have no football involvement, interviewing players last week? Why are there constant leaks to the press (to the NY Post of all papers!) Why does nobody in the Front Office appear to be on the same page? The team is a mess, just as it was when Marrone quit two years ago.

When the Pegulas took over, we all were more than ready to hit the reset button and look forward. They promoted consistency by retaining much of the old guard. OK. We’re almost two years in, and consistency in the Front Office has led to consistent losing on the field. Terry and Kim Pegula appear to be smart and caring owners, I have to believe they know it’s time to blow it up and rebuild. Bring in a football general who has complete control of the football operations, cut bait with the lifers who have too much involvement on the football side.

I’ll still continue to root on the team, because they are OUR team and always will be. I’ll still wear my Bills shirts and hat with pride. The tide has to turn sometime. Be sure to join NYCBBB this Sunday as we take on the Cardinals. Rex knows his job is on the line, and the players are rallying for him, so we just may upset these guys based on emotion. A couple of announcements:

Going forward there will be a minimum 18% tip for waitresses if seated at the table. A couple folks have been running out the door without leaving a tip. That’s not cool, and embarrassing to hear. We’ve never been fans of the policy, but this has been a reoccurring problem over the years and have no choice.

McFadden’s will be throwing a Happy Hour for Bills fans tonight from 6-10pm, offering half price top shelf cocktails, drafts (including Labatt), wine and chicken wings. Labatt donated an awesome Kan Jam set to give away to the Bills fan that’s brings out the most coworkers and friends.

Just found out that Kan Jam was invented in Buffalo…is anybody else not surprised?

– Matt “Talkin’ proud and ready for some fresh football blood” Kabel