Chargers @ Bills, Josh Allen!

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

As I mentioned last week, anybody who thought we were going to be a solid playoff caliber team is kidding themselves. The franchise had itself a badly needed enema a year ago, and I personally think the McBeane duo has a total of 4 seasons to get this right (including last season). It’s going to take time to build a perennial playoff caliber team through several drafts and some key free agents. It’s going to be a wild ride getting there, and us fans need to be a bit patient (and yes I know we’ve been patient for a long time). I don’t fault McDermott’s decision to start Peterman either, it took a bit of pressure off our new starting QB, Josh Allen (and gave him a touch of an ego check). Be patient Bills fans, Allen is going to have a lot of ups and downs this season, just enjoy the ride.

C’mon down to 42nd and 2nd tomorrow to catch the start of that ride along with your fellow NYC Bills Backers as they take on the San D….Los Angeles Chargers at 1pm. Lots of fans always head up to the motherland for the home opener, so you have a slightly better chance at getting a good spot in the bars. I’m sure everybody wants to watch Allen’s first game with some other Mafia.

See you tomorrow!

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Long Island Fans
We received an email from a fan out in Long Island that some Bills Mafia meet at MoMos in Bayport if you want to check out:
Momos Sports Bar & Grill
667 Montauk Hwy
Bayport, NY 11705



Matt “talkin’ proud and hope the kid is the answer” Kabel