Bills/Giants: Pre-Party (w/ Ticket Giveaway!), Tailgate and Public House (WOW!)

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

As I mentioned in my previous email, I turned down tickets to the Bills/Jets game last week as I wanted to be at Public House for our first game there. I expected to watch it with only a handful of Bills fans knowing most would be going to the actual game.

I was wrong. VERY WRONG.

I watched Buffalo upset the NJ Jets with TWO HUNDRED Bills fans that were going absolutely insane in the 4th quarter. Check out the video I took on your preferred social media page:

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Speaking of, be sure to follow us on our social media pages, we’ve begun to amp up our content on them in an effort to have better communication with our members knowing not everyone gets these emails.

Back to Public House – I have to say the bar was already in mid-season form, and even with such an unexpected large crowd they had zero issues handing our needs. Service was quick, the wings were great and the staff were really into it. There was also plenty of space for more of us fans! I heard nothing but positive feedback from everybody there, it sounds like many were ready for the fresh start.

The big piece of feedback I received from most fans was that the previous bar in recent years felt too “frat-like”, whereas the atmosphere at Public House on Sunday was a throwback to the old days when watching the games was more family-like. That said, there’s a couple things we’re putting in place to maintain that at Public House:

1) There is a decent-sized private room available near the bar/bathrooms. We’re going to designate this as the Family Room with preferential seating for those with young children. It’s also quieter in there and much more sensory-friendly, and a quick walk to the bathroom. A dad who was there with his young sons last week said it was perfect for parents like him.
2) Us Bills fans are all misfits, it’s a common bond we all share. We’re all like family. Everybody should respect each other, the staff and the venue as such. I’ve asked Public House management to have a zero-tolerance policy for any behavior that violates that. Anybody who does violate that will be asked to leave and not return. Simply put – have fun, but don’t be an asshole.

That said, if anybody has any other feedback or recommendations, please let us know.

This Saturday night Public House will again be hosting a pre-party, last week’s having a great turnout. To up the game, they’ve secured 2 great seats for the Giants game on Sunday and will be raffling off at the party. If you want a shot at winning them, head over to Public House on Saturday from 6-9pm. Details for the party, tailgate and viewing at Public House (including specials) can be found here:

Soreco, Phil and I are excited to announce two new members to the NYCBBB leadership team. Alex Valentine and Kristin Ruesch have been watching games with NYCBBB since the early years, and are mainstays both at the bar and at road-games throughout the season. They’re going to jump in and amplify our communication through social media and help be our eyes/ears both online and at the bar to ensure everything is humming along perfectly.

The NYC media complained this week that there were too many Bills fans at the Jets game and their noise level had an effect on the game.
Let’s do it again #BillsMafia, show them who the REAL NEW YORK TEAM IS.

Don’t forget, Buffalo has more wins at the Meadowlands this season than the Giants do.

See you this weekend, GO BILLS!!

Matt ‘talkin’ proud and going old-school NYCBBB’ Kabel