Bye Week & Important Thanksgiving Day Poll

Happy Friday all 2,242 NYC Bills Backers!

What’s going on, you beautiful group of WINNERS!?  Man it feels good to be 4-1, doesn’t it?  The mornings are smoother, the work drama a little easier to bear, food tastes better.  I might be in love with this team.  Of course it’s no time to be cocky, we’ve been here before.  Trent Edwards brought us to a 4-1 start in 2009 and we all know how that ended up.  But I don’t know, this team feels different.  As a friend put it to me, it doesn’t feel flukey this time around.  As Bills fans we always shore ourselves up for disappointment, but all I know is that I’m going to enjoy the ride.  And right now the ride has us controlling our own wildcard destiny in the AFC and only one game behind the Pats in the division.  Not mad about that at all.  And after the team was starting to look a bit banged up, this week off couldn’t have come at a better moment.  A week of rest and then we head back home to face a struggling Miami team.  LET’S EFFING GO.

And how about the Buffalo invasion of Nashville?!  Reports had Bills fans making up almost half of the entire crowd in NashBILL’s Nissan Stadium, and pictures showed a complete take over of downtown all weekend long.  We drank through their booze, we partied in their streets, and then we stole the W in their house.  All in all a solid Sunday showing.

Not to be outdone, those of us who didn’t travel had plenty of fun here in NYC!  Public House was once again rocking, complete with a T-Rex pouring shots all over the bar.  This place knows how to party, and just because it’s the bye doesn’t mean we need to take the weekend off.  Our friends at Public House will be open and showing the games this weekend with specials for Bills fans!  

  • $4 Labatt drafts
  • $5 select drafts
  • $6 house wines
  • $7 well drinks
  • $6 Tullamore Dew shots (no current word on whether they will be served by a dinosaur)

These specials will start for the 1:00 game so come on down and keep that liver in mid-season form as you cheer on your fantasy team and eye our future competition.  What else are you going to do on a Sunday in the fall?  Go to a pumpkin patch?  Exactly.  See you at the bar.  And tag us on social media as always!!  We’re on Facebook (New York City Buffalo Bills Backers), Instagram (@nycbillsbackers) and Twitter (@nycbbb), and we do our best to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.  Be sure to tag us in your posts as well, we love seeing how you are enjoying watching OUR Buffalo Bills during this exciting season!

Thanksgiving Game
As we plan for the rest of the season, we’ve been figuring out what to do for Bills/Cowboys on Thanksgiving. We’ve talked to the staff at Public House and they are willing to open and offer our normal Sunday specials as long as we have enough fans planning to come to watch the game there. If you’re not going out of town for the holiday, or you just want to avoid family this Turkey Day, let us know that you’d like to come to the bar! If we get enough positive responses the bar will accommodate us and you’ll be able to party hard because you don’t have to work the next day! Please take the poll here (or on Instagram!) and let us know your plans. We’ll announce the outcome soon!

Sabres Games at Public House
The Bills aren’t the only Buffalo team off to a strong start! The Sabres are coming in hot and it got us thinking. As a group we struggled this week to think of go-to spots to see the Sabres, outside of maybe Kelly’s on the LES. Would you be interested in watching games at our new home? The link above also inquires about whether or not there is interest in the bar showing Buffalo hockey! We have options for once a month viewing parties, more regular games, or the bar offering to show them all! Be sure to respond to the poll so we can support the bar in making this decision, and of course GO SABRES!!

Alright, time for me to go cry in the corner because there’s no Bills football this Sunday.  See you all at the bar for the less exciting games!