Our Group Has Moved!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

We wanted to share some exciting news. Starting this season, the New York City Buffalo Bills Backers will have a new home – Public House located on 41st Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue! If you’ve never been, the bar is huge and will allow all of us to fit under one roof.

You may be asking, why move? Well for 17 years, McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s worked well for us and our purposes. Unfortunately, Calico’s unexpectedly closed this year which only left us with McFadden’s, who also experienced staff turnover. Having listened to member feedback, knowing there would be another learning curve and having seen the crowds we’ve drawn over the years (remember when FDNY shut us down once after beating the Pats?) we knew we needed to find a long-term solution as we all strongly feel the team is going to make a playoff run soon.

Public House turned out to be the perfect solution:

  1. As I said, it’s HUGE. We always wanted a bar that could house all us Bills fans under one roof, which this bar can and feel us WNYers will feel at home there. Check out some of the photos: http://www.publichousenyc.com/gallery
  2. Many of the original McFadden’s team who helped us grow the club in the early years are now at Public House, so they understand our needs.
  3. It’s located right by Grand Central Terminal and other transportation hubs that everyone is already familiar with.
  4. They have promised to pull out all the stops – excellent wings, WNY beers, staff in Bills attire, Shout song after scores…we’re confident they’ll do it up right.
  5. They also host the Notre Dame club on Saturdays so the staff are familiar with the unique needs of our group.

This was by no means an easy decision. Me, Matt Soreco and the other NYCBBB leadership have so many memories at the bars on 42nd and Second. We were young kids back in the 2000s when we started the club and in a way we feel like we grew at McFadden’s. We have nothing but love for that bar. However, with the Bills now having firm ownership and appearing to be well run finally (no more Russ Brandon) we needed to set the club up for the long haul, and we feel Public House is the perfect establishment for that.

The games will be on every TV with sound and there will be beer/wing specials as we’ve all come accustomed to over the years. We’ll send more details & specials soon in a separate email but wanted to share the news first.

We’d appreciate it if you could spread the word about Public House, and point people to www.nycbbb.com where they can sign up for our updates. They can also follow us on Facebook/Twitter.

Also be sure to see Soreco’s email from yesterday about the Jets game/tailgate.

In the meantime, please enjoy the last few weeks of summer, training camp is right around the corner!


Matt “Talkin’ Proud” Kabel
Co-Founder, NYCBBB