Ravens @ Bills, (!!!!)

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fan!

I’m sure everybody has a great story about watching that Dallas game on Thanksgiving. Mine was watching it surrounded by Jets fan in-laws while my wife played the Shout! song on her phone after touchdowns. It was awesome.

There were around 100 Bills fans at Public House for the Thanksgiving game, all the seats downstairs were filled at the bar and in the dining room. From the videos I saw, it was an awesome time! Thanks to all the staff who were willing to spend the day with those die-hard fans!

This weekend’s game is yuuuuuge. The Bills welcome the powerhouse Baltimore Ravens to Orchard Park this Sunday with huge playoff implications. I’ve heard many mentions of a potential division lead, but I’m more in the “can’t we just focus on actually getting into the playoffs first?” camp. Regardless of where you stand on that, we can all agree that winning this game would be the biggest win in over 20 years. Even a close loss would solidify the Bills as a legit playoff contender.

Josh Allen vs Lamar Jackson is can’t-miss football.
Come on down to Public House this Sunday for the yuuuge game. Kickoff is at 1pm, you know the drill by now.

If you haven’t heard, the Bills/Steelers game next week has been flexed to 8:20pm. It WILL be aired at Public House, we’ll have details shortly.

Also, the Patriots game the following week is now at 4:30, with a Sabres game right before. That will be #OneBuffalo Day at Public House!

UPCOMING SABRES GAMES (who appear to be turning things around)

  • Saturday, 4pm – Canucks
  • Sunday, 8pm – Oilers
  • Tuesday, 7:30pm – Blues
  • Thursday, 7pm – Predators


Matt “Talkin’ proud and fired up for Sunday” Kabel