Squish da Fish Part Deux, Thanksgiving Game Announcement!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

Alright, I totally thought we were going to pull that game out in Cleveland last week. My thoughts:

  1. Singletary should have had twice his 8 carries, 100% inexcusable
  2. Why was Andre Roberts out there and being targeted?
  3. That 3rd down on the last drive was way too sloppy.
  4. Should have run a draw/slant on that final 4th down instead of attempting that long field goal, play to WIN.
  5. Defense did enough to win. Again.

Finally, I do still believe this team is heading in the right direction. As I’ve said all year, this season was going to be about creating a launching pad for next season when the real Super Bowl hunt begins. Personally, I’d really like to see them set Josh Allen free and stop the Tyrod-Taylor game plan.

That said, we take on the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at 1pm, and what looked like an easy win doesn’t look so easy. Still, the Dolphins aren’t a good team, so think it’s a tall order for them to win their third straight and so I see the Bills taking care of business.

Huge Announcement – Our beautifully amazing new home, Public House, has decided that they will be OPEN for the Bills/Cowboys game (and game prior) on Thanksgiving Day! There was no pressure from us to do so, they had some staff interested in working it and said why the hell not? So trade in that annoying family for some wings, beer and Bills Mafia! This is rare Thanksgiving game for us, so if you’re on the fence totally consider heading there for the game and supporting that staff willing to work and having a once-in-a-lifetime Bills experience with other fans.

Don’t forget that Public House is airing all Buffalo Sabres games this season with $4 Blues and Molsons. Here’s a list of upcoming games this week:

  • Saturday 7pm – Ottawa Senators
  • Sunday 7pm – Chicago Blackhawks
  • Tuesday 7pm – Minnesota Wild
  • Thursday 7pm – Boston Bruins

Be sure to sign up for our Sabres mailing list HERE.

See everyone at Public House, let’s go Buffalo!!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t believe Public House is open on Thanksgiving!” Kabel