Bills @ Broncos, Support Public House!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

Sorry we’ve been a little quiet, Cuomo shutting down bars in the early evenings has put a damper on Bills night games (which…cough…we’ve won) at Public House. That said, the Bills take on the Denver Broncos this SATURDAY at 4:30pm as we’re on the cusp on a playoff birth and potentially a division title! Guys…A DIVISION F-ING TITLE!!! If the team continues to finally fire on all cylinders like this, the NFL better watch out.

Now, indoor dining has been shut down. We’re currently getting hit with a “blizzard” (a few flakes) and the bar can’t stay open late which is putting a lot of financial pressure on Public House, who have bent over backwards to give us a place to watch this amazing football season. They haven’t even been making a profit, but love providing a bit of normalcy for both us and them. This weekend, they need to hit a minimum number of seats booked outside in order to justify opening the bar on Saturday afternoon.

Guys….we’re Western NYers. We were bred for this shit, drinking beer in the snowy cold watching the Bills is our damn birthright. We’re seeing the finest football team to come out of our hometown in over 20 years! Let’s support our team. Let’s support Public House. Hell, you can even wrap it into a trip to the city (like I’m planning) to check out the Rockefeller Tree, see some other Holiday sights and do a little shopping. And, ya know, drink beer and eat wings. It’s the perfect day for it, the city will be dead! It’s time for a Christmas miracle, let’s do this!

We’ve been waiting two decades for this! Book your seat by emailing

I’ll see you on Saturday.


Matt ‘Talkin’ Proud and can smell a division title” Kabel