End of Season, Fired Up, Public House Remaining Games/Beer Pong Tourney

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

I’m just gonna come out and say it. I AM FIRED UP FOR NEXT SEASON. I’m not going to spend any time focusing on the Texans game, other than to thank the 400+ of you who showed up to watch it with us at Public House. There were clearly some bumps getting folks in which we’ll work through for next year, but other than that it was an awesome time outside of the loss.

Overall I’m ecstatic with the move to Public House. The venue is awesome, the staff were awesome, the management are awesome, the wings are awesome and it’s closer to Grand Central. I can’t thank them enough for taking us in this year. 

That said, 2020 is gonna be lit. As I posted all season, this was a good Bills team who I didn’t even have expectations of making the playoffs, saying it would be a building year towards being legit contenders next season. Securing a spot in the playoffs with two games to go exceeded my expectations. #mindblown

Anybody who bumped into me after the game could see me smiling ear-to-ear (I think some of you wanted to punch me). Listen, Josh Allen came a LONG way. Still has a way to go but the dude is 23 and you know damn well is gonna come prepared to kick ass in Training Camp. Almost the entire roster will be back. We’re $90 million under the cap and Beane has nailed the majority of his draft picks. The Patriots are no longer invincible, the Jets organization is a bit of a mess, and the Dolphins are going full-rebuild.

I mean, did you see Dion Dawkins article today:  https://www.theplayerstribune.com/articles/dion-dawkins-buffalo-bills-mafia

This team is close. They’re hungry, and they want revenge in 2020. The time is now, and the Bills are set to make a true deep-playoff run in the fall. So let’s enjoy this offseason knowing fall is gonna be off the hook.

Public House had a couple announcements they wanted us to share:

We will be offering the $40 and $55 specials for all the games leading up to the Super Bowl. We will also be offering a $60 premium open bar and unlimited wings for the Super Bowl. If Bills fans come in with their Bills gear, we’ll give them a free shot on us!

Also, 3pm on Saturday the 18th, we will hosting a beer pong tournament.

  • First place will get 2 tickets to the Sabres/Rangers game! It’ll be in the Bud Light suite which comes with unlimited beer and food.
  • Second place, 1 hour open bar for the team and 10 of their friends to be booked on a later date.
  • Third place, unlimited wine dinner for 2 on Wednesdays. 

We’ll be in touch soon about Sabres game and offseason events. Until then, let’s go Buffalo!!!

Matt “Talkin proud and fired up for the fall!” Kabel