Bills @ Jets, Meetup Tonight!

Matthew Kabel
11:39 AM (40 minutes ago)
to me

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Backers!

Nopeā€¦not even gonna discuss last week.

The Bills head to NJ to take on the Jets and hopefully rebound. Kickoff is at 1pm, here is a link to last week’s email with details on tomorrow’s tailgate:

From 6pm to midnight tonight, Penn 6 is offering the following specials as Bills fans descend upon NYC and know a lot of out-of-towners are heading there:

  • $5: Labatt, Labatt light, Bud, Bud light
  • $7: Hard Seltzers
  • $7: Tullamore Dew Shots

They’ll also introduce the Pills Mafia beer from the Thin Man brewery that they just got in.

We got this.

J – E – T – S

Matt “Talkin’ proud and really need a blowout to erase that Jags game from memory” Kabel