Bills @ Titans MNF, More Jets Tickets!

Hello all you 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

The Bills came to Kansas City
They saw the Chiefs
They conquered the Chiefs

As I heard on WGR last week, it’s true that an NFL team can win any given Sunday. However, the Bills are now a team that can win ANY Sunday. Also as my friend Michelle said, Josh Allen outplaying Mahomes showed he can outplay any QB. My build on that is McDermott beating his mentor in Andy Reid (and Belichik last year) should also give him confidence that he can beat any coach out there.

That will be put again to the test tonight as the Bills head back to Nashville to take on the Titans who beat them last year. That was after a whole COVID mess caused by the Titans, so look for the Bills to get revenge for the second week in a row.

Kickoff is at 8:15pm, and Penn 6 is the place to be. For those who have been heading there, would love your feedback on how you’re liking our new home! Send me an email and let us know.

Bills @ Jets Tickets

A bunch of you reached out this weekend to let me know the Jets tickets were sold out. We reached out to the Jets this morning and they added more tickets, so if you missed out you have another shot before it sells out! Click here to order them:

Sabres have won their first two games. They may not have a good record this year, but remind me of the Bills for the first two years of McDermott’s tenure. Young core, very close knit and a couple unheralded veterans leading the way. They work hard, play an exciting form of hockey that’s fun to watch and are easy to root for.

I love this time of the year. Let’s Go Buffalo.

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Fired Up to Have The Bills/Sabres Both Playing” Kabel