Our New Home: Penn 6! Plus ALL The Details

Hello all you 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

Back at the start of the 2017 season after both McDermott and Beane had been hired, I said that if everything went to plan, the Bills would be competing for a Super Bowl in 4 years.

It’s 2021, and our Buffalo Bills are indeed about to truly compete for a Super Bowl title for the first time in almost 20 years of our Backers’ existence. We finally have an elite franchise quarterback in Josh Allen, an elite GM/Coach duo, elite coaching, several elite players and most importantly Russ Brandon is nowhere near this franchise running it into the ground.

This is it. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, and you’re gonna want to watch this special season along with your fellow Bills fans. The best place to do that is with your NYC Buffalo Bills Backers.

As everyone is aware, Public House closed its doors permanently last year due to the COVID restrictions. For the AFC Championship game, we moved over to Pennsylvania 6 (or Penn 6 as I’ll refer to it from now on) which is owned and managed by the same group who we’ve come to love. It’s a very similar layout to Public House being a large open space with tons of TVs and a balcony. Most of all, much of the same staff we all came to know at Public House will be there on gamedays.

Penn 6 was the obvious choice, and we’re excited to announce it as the new home of the NYC Buffalo Bills Backers! I’m also humored that we’ve been near Grand Central Terminal all these years, now we’re near Penn Station. The good news with that is the bar is located in a prime location for the Bills/Jets game at the Meadowlands this season (more to come on that).

Below are ALL the details for specials, RSVPs, table minimums, menu items (some special new ones in there!) and the overall process. Please give it all a read, this is all based on the last two years of learning through both normal and COVID times.

We’ll send out additional emails on pre-season, tailgates, the PUNT Fundraiser and other happenings but wanted to get this communication out to you first so you could start planning your season out.

In the meantime, be safe, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all for what I truly know is going to be a memorable season. We’ll be in touch soon!

Here is all of the info for drink specials, menu, reservations, etc.:


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and this is our year!” Kabel