Squish The Fish, Part 1

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Backers!

That was certainly not the season opener I, nor any Bills fan out there, was expecting. Couple thoughts:

1) Actually, I kinda expected Josh to play like that, dude can’t control his emotions and hasn’t played in front of 70,000 Bills fans in over a year. I thought he woulda settled in the second half though. Josh gotta chill.

2) Where is this improved running game and being tough in the trenches that we heard about all off-season? If you’re gonna preach that, then you run the damn ball on 4th and 1 because you know you can, not run a gimmick play.

3) Defense did its job, the offense simply just didn’t.

In the end, it’s one game and I have zero concerns. This is a Super Bowl-caliber team and once they hit their stride, we’re gonna see some magic happen.

I think they turn it around in a big way this week and head down to Miami to kick the crap out of a Miami team coming off a big win. This team usually responds after a loss, and I see it happening this Sunday. Josh has also owned these guys recently.

See you all at Penn 6, where I hear it was back to 2019 levels last week! Kickoff is at 1pm, let’s squish these fish!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and still think we win the Super Bowl” Kabel