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NYC Buffalo Bills Backers vs. Detroit Lions

Hello all,

Welcome to all the new people that we added to the list! Matt Soreco and I send these reminders out on Fridays with any announcements. Our Bills host the Detroit Lions this Sunday at 1:00. McFadden’s opens at noon. I noticed this past Sunday that the tables filled up right away, so I suggest getting there at noon if you want a table. By the way..there were 300 of us there last week with room to grow!!! and now….


In case you didn’t see…we were featured in an article I wrote with pictures on the official Buffalo Bills website!! Check it out!!

You asked for it…we got it! McFadden’s now carries Labatt Blue beer! The $25 special still stands if you want Sam, Bud, or Bud Light..but if you prefer to drink Blue its $30 for all you can drink from 12-6 with all the wings you can eat. If you have any suggestions about how to make McFadden’s more Buffalo-ish, please post on our website board I’d give anything for a “Beef On Weck” Day in December!! We’ll do our best…but some things we can’t fly in chicken finger heros from Buffalo!

We are still trying to acquire tix for the Bills/Jets games….ASK YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!

Pro Bowl voting is occurring on, so go vote for our Bills!!! No email address required and make sure you fill in the WHOLE form or it won’t go through. If you speak to anybody who is not getting these emails, please tell them to come over and sign that cool book I always have with me. GO BILLS and I’ll see you on Sunday!!!

– Matt K

Squish the Fish!

Hello all,

I hope I did this right this time and hid all your email addresses! sorry about that!

This Sunday the Bills are shuffling off to Miami for one of the biggest games of the season! Come support your team as they squish the fish! The game starts at 1pm and the doors of McFadden’s open at noon. Get there early if you want a table as seating is on first come first serve basis. We had 220 PEOPLE last week…lets try and top that!!!!

Thanks to all of you for posting suggestions on our site’s message board Matt and I have been trying to answer them as promptly as possible! Also feel free to email me at mattk at about any McFadden’s related comments/suggestions and Matt Soreco (the other Matt!) about web issues at soreco at The owners at McFadden’s are very committed to us.

Hope to see you there…..SQUISH THE FISH!!!!

— Matt K

NYC Buffalo Bills Backers

Hello all,

Hope you all enjoyed that close win over the Texans last week….AND the REAL buffalo wings that McFadden’s now carries! If you have any comments or suggestions about Sundays at McFadden’s, feel free to post on our message board located on our website

We need your help. Seeing that the Jets are having an awful season, we are asking you to ask your local friends that are Jets fans if they are willing to sell their tickets to the November 24th Jets/Bills game here in good ol’ NYC. We’d like to put together a tail-gate party for the game and acquire as many tickets as possible.

Just a quick reminder….this Sunday the Bills have one of their biggest games of the season against the arch-rival Miami Dolphins! come show your support! Game starts at 1pm…McFadden’s opens at noon!

— Matt Kabel