Nick Flick’s end of year awards – 12/28/2006

With the Bills out of the playoffs instead of a preview, I will be giving out awards for the good and bad this past year.

Brian Moorman and London Fletcher-Baker
Moorman lead the NFL in net punt average and went to the probowl for a reason.
London was completely snubbed from the probowl and completely carried the defense, he has to get some recognition this year.

Offensive Player of the Year
J.P. Losman
19 total touchdowns and a 86.8 qb rating, since the resurgence he has been the only good constant on the offense

Denfensive Player of the Year
Nate Clements
The whole season number one receivers didn’t even see the ball. In the last two weeks he’s covered Drew Bennett and Chris Chambers, neither caught a pass, and more notably Marvin Harrison had less than 10 yards against him. (please resign him)

Rookie of the Year
Ko Simpson
With McCargo, yes he is a Buffalo Bill, and Whitner sidelined for some time with injuries Ko stepped in and had a very solid rookie season. He provided great speed and took better angles to the ball than Whitner did.

Pleasant Surprise
Robert Royal
Starting coming on in the last four weeks, had a touch down in each of the last three games until Tennessee, where he was one foot away from getting his fourth from Lee Evans. He can continue to improve his pass catching and may be a big endzone target come next season.

Biggest Disappointment
Terrence McGee
My Bills red and blue blood wouldn’t allow me to pick Takeo Spikes, which leaves McGee. He has been torched all year, most notably last week against the Titans. His coverage skills seem to be limited at nickel back and he may not be ready to play every down on defense. Also no kick return touch downs, our offense needed them this year.

Best in game decision
Ham and Cheese
Quizno’s had it right on this one. Not only is this a delicious combination, but Willis got back in the game and continued to pound the jets for the rest of the game.

Worst in game decision
I don’t even have to say it. Lindell is 23-25 on field goals this year, I know I would trust him to kick a 45 yard field goal. The rest is too painful.

Best Play
First Play from scrimmage
Takeo Spikes came on a blitz sacked golden boy Tom Brady, stripped it, London picked it up and ran it in for the first score of the season. The game slipped away, but it was a sign of good things to come.

Worst Play
Vince Young’s 36 yard touchdown run
right before the half, 4th down, we let Vince Young run past every single player on defense for a 36 yards right before the half, and send Tennessee into the locker rooms with the lead.