HO HO HO Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills!

Hello all!

My Brother in Law, a fellow diehard Bills fan in Rochester, just left me this ANGRY voice mail:

“Ahh Matt..you won’t believe it! I had 4 tickets to the Bills game this weekend and I had them sitting on my dashboard. Some Ahole smashed the winshield and….grrr….left me 4 more” Click.

With several thousand seats remaining for the Bills vs Titans game this Christmas Eve, fans will be watching the Yule Log instead of an exciting match up between two teams fighting for a playoff spot!

That’s right, I used Bills and Playoffs in the same sentence! I went there! Plus, Travis Henry makes his return to Buffalo, and we’ll get to see how Vince “ESPN Kisses My Butt More Than Tom Brady Now” Young handles the December weather at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Luckily, those of us in NYC WILL be able to catch this awesome and exciting game! Both Calico Jack’s and McFadden’s will be fully staffed and ready for us rabid fans! Yes its Christmas Eve, but what better way to spend it that watching the Bills in Manhattan, then strolling over and checking out Rockefeller Center, then maybe doing a little shopping. Got family in town? Bring em! We’ll be done with the Titans well before dinner time, and I know I won’t miss my wife’s Italian family’s multicourse seafood feast!

So slap your Santa hat on and come on down to 42nd and 2nd and catch the new and improved Buffalo Bills!

To those of you that we won’t see this weekend, please have a great and safe Holiday from Matt, Kevin, Phil, Michelle, Ryan and me.

Matt “talking proud and all I want is the Bills in the playoffs for Xmas!” Kabel