A View from Calico Jack’s – 12/24/2007

I didn’t see the game after the first quarter…did I miss anything?

Just joking, unfortunately. And unfortunately, I’m finding myself in the odd position of almost hoping global warming is imminent: how else to ensure that our rookie QB and his heat-loving receivers don’t have to play in inclement weather? Everyone, break out your aerosol cans and spray away! We need blistering sunshine.

Buffalo Bills that can’t play in bad weather? Oh, the indignity….

Trent Edwards had some of the rookie meltdown we all knew would come at some point – albeit in a Super Bowl-type circumstance in which he was pulling out the stops to get the Bills back in the game. But his receivers did him absolutely no favors. I think these guys were putting butter on their fingers instead of stick ’em. And YOU, Lee Evans…you played in Wisconsin, for goodness sake. At least I can understand former Hurricane Roscoe Parrish.

Two games against decent teams don’t tell the whole story. But for now, it appears that: 1) our offense, running backs aside, don’t like the cold wet stuff, and 2) our run defense falls apart when circumstances dictate the other team to run it up the gut.

A quick comment about the others guys. I have no animosity against the Giants, their quasi-New York status and Super Bowl history notwithstanding. But, they reek – reek – of a team that loses in the first round of the playoffs unless they catch a break. That Coughlin could (with a straight face) go for it on fourth down, down by four points…I just didn’t get it. They’re lucky that didn’t cost them the game on a day like this one.

On a positive note, how cool was it that Kevin Everett showed up? The key, it appears, is to have him address the team before every quarter, since the first quarter seemed to get our boys revved up.

Plus, we need to always play with the wind at our backs. That helps, too.

I’m making this a quick column, in honor of the Christmas holiday this week. I hope everyone’s week is great, and that no one gets stopped by bad weather. As the Bills could tell you, that’s no fun.

Hope to see everyone one last time in 2007 at Calico Jack’s or McFadden’s for game 16 — .500 or bust!