A View from McFadden’s – 9/25/11

Bills/Pats. Here we go.

Now, I’ve got to be a little discreet here – not wanting to appear to endorse any activity that could get us in trouble with McFadden’s, let alone the long arm of the law.

As a public service….this might describe, on a per-person basis, the post-Pats game scene:

But, when that happens, the more level-headed among us need to help bring a little more calm and civility to the situation:

Similarly, when we take to the streets after an emotional game, it’s understandable why we may individually act like this:

But, we should work on incorporating a small dose of this guy:

Seriously, what else am I going to say about this game that won’t be covered everywhere, from the NY Times to obscure bloggers? As Matt Kabel says, it’ll become part of NYCBBB legend. We have a shot – a shot – to play some meaningful games for one of the few seasons since we began this whole NYCBBB group.

I’ve been at a LOT of NYCBBB games at both McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the crowd more into it, more emotional, or more drained by the end.

From a football perspective, as dominating as the Pats were in the first half, I didn’t think the Bills looked that bad; the Pats just looked that good. By the second half, any intimidation wore off, and the crowd clearly became a meaningful part of the game. But, let’s not overstate that: the Bills themselves clearly got under Tom Brady’s skin…and in front of a few of his passes.

I also don’t think I was ever happier to see one of the Bills’ TD calls reversed than I was at the end of the game: rather than give Brady a chunk of time to do something, the Bills were able to control the ball until the final play. A few, poorly executed kneel downs later (really, guys: do you have to torture us even on kneel downs?) and the game was over, with the victory secured.