Important Note: Issues at the Bars Yesterday

Hello all 1,962 NYC Bills fans!

First off, who else is still shaking after that game? I watched with 100+ fans out here in LA and the place was rocking, so couldn’t imagine what it was like on 42nd and 2nd. Well, I kind of can, here’s the reaction to the game winning kick in our “tamer” bar – Calico Jack’s taken by member Adam Beilman:

Alright, now onto the serious stuff. McFadden’s & Calico’s have been great partners over the years, they’ve took us in when we’ve sucked. I know everybody is jazzed about finally having a good team, but we need to do a better job of controlling our actions and celebrations.

First off, throwing beer has to stop. A TV was hit with beer an destroyed. Going forward, anybody throwing beer will be thrown out. We’ve made that decision, not McFadden’s. Second, we all like to drink a lot, but if you’re overly disruptive and not listening to the McFadden’s/Calico’s staff, you’ll be tossed.

I know 95% of us are there to have a good time, so this is for the handful of fans that can ruin it for the rest. If you see somebody doing any of the above or ruining the good time, please let either me or one of the staff know. If we can’t get ourselves under better control, we’re going to move away from the all-you-can-drink specials, which nobody wants to do.

As those who were there yesterday can attest to, our wild celebration drew the attention of the FDNY & NYPD who had to come in and shut the party down. As a fan, I have to say that just adds to the legend of NYCBBB. Everybody I tell that to replies “awesome.” However, we’re going to work with McFadden’s/Calico’s to monitor the capacity of the bars going forward. So if you want to get into the bars, please come early.

That said, enjoy your week, I know mine is going to be a hell of lot better after seeing Billy boy melt down and Marsha throw 4 interceptions.

We’ll be in touch later in the week, GO BILLS!!!

Matt “talkin proud and can’t believe the FDNY & NYPD shut us down!” Kabel