Week 6 Preview – 10/13/2006

Rebound Can’t Even Describe What the Bills Need to Do
I think that the best way to describe the Bears game is to recount a conversation I had with Matt Kabel while watching. We were discussing how the Bills had done every thing that could possibly go wrong. I then pointed out that we had not fumbled a kick or punt yet, Terrence McGee corrected that shortly there after. Unless your name is Lee Evans and you are currently on the Bills active roster you should be ashamed of your self. Luckily the Bills will be facing a much less strong Lions team this week. The Bears are currently undefeated, where as Detroit is still searching for that allusive first victory. Also before I continue with this article I would like to apologize to the superstitious of you out there. I should have known better than to let my brother come to Calico Jack’s on Sunday. It was his first visit back to the city since leaving for college, so I thought we could forget the bad luck guy. Last year I am pretty sure he did not witness one win in Calico Jack’s, and his most notable losses were when he came at half time to the Panthers game and he also came at half time to witness the terrible comeback by the Dolphins, led by Sage Rosenfels. He will be back in his dorm at Cornell and out of our way.

Offense actually has to play this week
The Lions defense does not do much well. They have let up over 25 points four times this season and over 30 three times. This all starts with a weak defensive line. It is rare that I can say that our line should push them around, but they really should. With Villarrial likely out Duke Preston on Shaun Rogers can present a problem. But with Shaun Cody, their other starting defensive tackle, out and weak defensive ends, they should be able to keep Rogers under control. With help from the line Willis can really explode this weak. Detroit is also missing starting line backer Paris Lenon. Rookie Ernie Sims and Boss Bailey were both standouts in college who have not made names for them selves in the pro’s. Injured and already weak front seven really should let Willis gain back the league lead in rushing. He did not get the ball much last week because of the very early defecit. He will definitely prove himself this week.

J.P. really set himself back in a lot of fans minds last week. He entered the game with an over 90 quarter back rating and had really not made many costly mistakes all year. After his three interception fiasco that rating has dropped to 78 and he now has more turnovers than touchdowns. He still has been pretty promising this year and we should not let one game against arguably the best defense in the league color our thoughts of him too much. Detroit’s corner backs are the strong point of there defense. Lee Evans is really coming into his own lately. He has gotten at least 90 yards and 7 catches in each of his last three games. No other receiver has really stepped up as the number two. Both Josh Reed and Peerless Price have been okay. With the combination of those three and Roscoe Parrish the Bills should be able to get past Dre Bly and Fernando Bryant, Detroits 1st two corners, and get to their weak safeties. Detroit’s defense has played really poorly this year and should help spark a Bills offense that has not done too much this year. They should be able to run all over them. Defense needs to get back in form

Takeo Spikes has been questionable for too long now. The D can’t keep waiting for him. They have to take the players they have and put out their best effort. The defensive line is where the success has to start. The pressure displayed in the first two games of the season has been no where to be found in the last three games. The defensive line really should have a big game this year. Detroit’s offensive line is reeling with injuries. Tackle Rex Tucker and guards Damien Woody and Ross Verba all seem unlikely to play this year. The Bills have rotated starting Tim Anderson and rookie Kyle Williams. One of them needs to and can easily step up this game. Denney and Schobel need to find a way to get past this hurting line and help the secondary out with some pressure this week. They should be able to do this, and the secondary will need it.

With Nate Clements’s being questionable Kiwaukee Thomas and Terrence McGee really need to play better than past weeks. Roy Williams is having a break out year, and Mike Furrey has also been good this year. Ko Simpson and Donte Whitner have been good this year, but they definitely need the corners to play well. Whether Clements is or is not playing, the other corners are going to be the most important players on the field for the defense.

Even with rookie Keith Ellison, the linebacking corps is really strong. Fletcher and Crowell are both playing really well this year. Since Detroit’s line is so banged up and because Kevin Jones, their starting running back, is only averaging 50 yards a game, the line backers should be dropping back and helping out the secondary. Jon Kitna is showing that he is better than a back up, but has not fully shown that he is an above average starter yet. With strong receivers, the linebackers will need to help make Kitna look like a back up and let the Bills rest Spikes and Clements. Fantasy
As for this game I can not recommend any one but Willis McGahee. Not that other players won’t have big games, but his will be so good he gets every pick. As for the rest of the league, the quarter back you want is Donovan McNabb. He is going against New Orleans and has just been fantastic this year. Running back is Willis, huge game. Coming off his big game against the Bills, Bernard Berrian will put up similar numbers against the Cardinals. San Diego’s defense going against San Francisco will be the best defense to play this week. The spread on the game is Lions -1, I definitely recommend taking the Bills this week. The over/under is 39.5, like most Bills games, I would take the under. The lock of the week is Eagles Saints over 46.