Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears

Hello all 1,600+ NYC Bills fans!!!

Sorry for the delay in the weekly email, I knew at some point we’d get it out!

The Bills travel to the Windy City today to take on the Da Bears Sunday at 1pm. Most NFL ‘Experts’ are calling the Bears the best team in football, and rightfully so. They have what many are saying is the best defense since the 85 Bears. That’s good news for Buffalo, since ex Chicago Coach Perry Fewell has implemented Lovie Smith’s same system here. The man who Lovie replaced, Dick Jauron, makes his first trip back to Chicago as a head coach. Throw in the fact that Rueben Brown, Mike Gandy, and Damien Shelton are all facing their former teams as well, and this is one heck of an emotional match up!

So tomorrow, come on down to 42nd and 2nd to watch the Bills with your fellow NYCBBB members at either McFadden’s or Calico Jack’s! Doors open at 11am and the specials begin at noon.

This game will dictate how far the Bills have come since last year, and if they are truly an up and coming team. Chicago (4-0) is due for a letdown, and the Bills have a chance at making that happen!

The Sabres picked up right where they left off, and are already playing at a playoff caliber level. If you want to join the NYC Sabres Backers mailing list, sign up on our homepage! Kevin Smith will be coordinating trips to games here and in Buffalo! The group also meets at the Blue Moon on the Upper East Side for many of the games.

With Anna gone, NYCBBB’s website is hurting for pictures. If you take pictures and want to get them up on the site, please email Matt Soreco.

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— Matt “talkin’ proud and think we’re going to upset the Bears!” Kabel