This week at McFadden’s: 2014 Game 1

When the Bills winning their opening game…in an upset…on the road…in overtime…is only the THIRD best news for Bills fans in the past week…well, that’s a pretty good week! A week that has been a long time in coming for a fan base too familiar with bad news and setbacks.

Yes, beating the Bears was fantastic.

But not more fantastic than the Pegulas submitting the winning bid for our beloved Bills.

And even THAT is arguably the second-best Bills news of the week.

A cancer-free Jim Kelly? That was the best news of all.

For now, let’s allow ourselves to be optimistic for once, if only for a little while. I know it feels weird; no one is more jaded about our team than I am. But, let’s try going with it and see what happens. Let’s give Bills love a good name….

And let’s hope ALL of this good news comes together: that the Bills restore their winning ways under a Pegula ownership, with a healthy Jim Kelly on the sidelines cheering them on.

You may have seen this video of the McFadden’s celebration after the Bills’ victory this week; it’s pretty representative of how most of us feel about the Pegulas and Kelly, as well.