Week 2 Squish the Fish

Hello all,

Happy Friday! Pretty uneventful week, eh?

HA! Congratulations Bills fans, you get to keep your team. Thank you Pegula! Twitter provided hours of non-stop entertainment on Tuesday.

Jim Kelly is cancer free! Off the field, we got a glimpse of what “Kelly Tough” is all about. So happy for Jimbo and family!

What else? What else?

Oh, now I remember… The Bills won! Were YOU doubting these guys? I wasn’t! {cough, cough}

Seriously though, it occurred to me while a lot of attention was given to whether or not EJ would be good or not and to finding a solid backup, the defense was overlooked.

As my dad used to say when good things would happen back to back to back, “quick, play lotto.”

You all know the deal. Same place, same time. Same everything, except this week we have the hated Dolphins. Hey, let’s match the energy that’ll surely be palpable at the Ralph.

If you haven’t bought tickets to the Jets game at MetLife, now’s probably a good time. ALL Bills fans are encouraged to attend our (in conjunction with Kenny “Pinto Ron”) tailgate. “Tailgate” doesn’t even give this convergence of Bills fans in enemy territory must justice. It’s more like an invasion in party form. More info here: https://www.nycbbb.com/2014-emails/bills-jets-tailgate-october-26/

– Matt Soreco