This Week from NYCBBB – 09/13/2015

“Bully!” — Rex Ryan, by way of Teddy Roosevelt

“Bully,” to Teddy Roosevelt, meant “wonderful.”

“Bully,” to Rex Ryan, means “tough” and “physical.”

I’d submit that both senses of the word bully came together in one glorious home opener against a Colts team only one game removed from the conference championship game.

This time it was the Colts themselves who seemed deflated, while the Bills came to the game with a big stick and fully inflated balls (lame, I know — sue me. I’m still riding a post-game vodka buzz.)

The Bills largely controlled both sides of the ball, some late semi-drama aside. Tyrod by no means felt like a new QB to me (a couple of dicey moments aside), which was the most exciting thing to me apart from the win. His 50-yarder to Harvin was the thing of beauty. The Dareus-free defense showed the potential on that side of the ball. And Rex showed a sideline charisma I can’t remember seeing for many seasons.

But this column is really supposed to be about McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s. It was absolutely crazy. Bedlam in the best way possible.

At least I assume it was. Tragically I couldn’t be there. But come on, how could it have not been crazy? And my special correspondent, NYCBBBer Alex Valentine, wrote to me that McFadden’s had lines around the corner starting at 9:30. That’s good enough for me.

For my part, a shout out to the South Florida Bills Backers, where I watched the game from their new home at City Pub in Pompano Beach. If you find yourself in South Florida on game day, check them out — their info is on Facebook and they’re on Twitter. You can do much worse than watch a game with them. It’ll be even better when the staff begins to understand the beef on weck now on their Sunday menu (one bartender alternately called it “meat on weck” and “meatball on weck,” incurring the extreme wrath of the guy on the next bar stool trying to order it — “dude, meatballs have nothing to do with it.”)

I missed Little Buffalo on Second Avenue, but it was kind of cool thinking about all of the Bills groups around the country rooting for the team, playing Shout! at the same timeĀ  and sending positive energy to the Ralph.

Here’s hoping this was just the first of many great days like this.

Now it’s time to move onto the Pats — a team that seems to embody the wrestler (and governor) Jesse Ventura’s quote, “Win if can. Lose if you must. But always cheat.” The difference being, Jesse was only kidding about it. I think.

You thought this past game was nuts? I can’t imagine what week two will bring. Better show up early! See you there.