Brady is Dead Meat, We Need You, and more

Hello all,

This is gonna be a long e-mail. So much stuff we have to get out there.

I don’t like talking much about upcoming games in fear of being a jinx. All I’ll say is that I’m looking forward to this one.

Nice Threads from Great Lakes Loyalty
Checkout this new Buffalo inspired apparel company created by one of NYCBBB’s very own! Great Lakes Loyalty is bringing fresh, retro designs to Buffalo Bills fans this season. Head to and enter the code NYCBBB at checkout and $5 will be donated to help NYCBBB Co-Founder Matt Kabel’s daughter, Sweet Sally Sunshine. Hop on the site today and support our fellow NYCBBB!

Help NYCBBB get with this Millennium
We’re calling on volunteers to help document the nycbbb experience. We used to have photos from almost every game – We can tell by our stats that people loved them. So… Does anyone want to:

  • Take charge of an nycbbb Instagram account?
  • Submit photos? Help find an easy way to submit, curate, display in a gallery, etc.
  • Maybe take some videos? Crowd reactions? Dare I suggest interviews? We know a few of our crowd reaction videos got media attention and once prompted a radio interview of our very own Matt Kabel. Another was featured on . Others got retweets from the likes of Eric Wood!

MOAR! We want to be everywhere. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram. What am I missing? As always, we also welcome ideas.

Speaking of t-shirts
We might have our very own NYCBBB t-shirts coming soon. We got some designs in the works. Anyone have any advice on how best to sell the bad boys? I’m thinking something like CafePress. But I want to keep costs/prices down, but have convenient, fast, and worry free fulfillment.

Is anyone planning on going to London for the Jacksonville game? What’s your plans? Who you getting together with across the pond? If there is something going on there (tailgate, etc)? I’d like to help spread the right info.

Jets Tickets
It’s not too late to get tickets for Jets game at MetLife. Please let me know if you have trouble ordering! A few have had trouble–which could have been due to Internet Explorer. Let me know if the problems were resolved.

That wasn’t so long, was it?


– Matt Soreco