This Week from NYCBBB – 11/12/2015

Hey, fellow Backers. I’m using the extra-long distance between games to consider many important Bills-related questions:

  • How cool would it have been if we had won the Jacksonville game? Before you accuse me of living in the past, realize I’m still mad that Stevie Johnson blew the Steelers game a few years back…
  • Does Rex Ryan get the most media in the NFL? I mean, the man gets press for his choice of honorary game captains…
  • When’s the last time the Bills delivered us two victories in five days?!
 This last question actually had me thinking. 
Your NYCBBB founders Kabel and Soreco pay me too-meager a salary to hire the research assistant I so desperately need and deserve, but my extensive, three-minute Google search would indicate that the Bills won two games in five days twice before 2015: in 1966 and 1975! So, enjoy: this has been 40 years in coming. Or, my search was flawed. One or the other. 
I love the show, Pardon The Interruption, and one of the hosts lamented that the NFL is five really good teams, five really bad ones, with everyone else in the pretty-good middle. The Bills are pretty good. With their top-tier offensive starters, the Bills are 4-1 this year, arguably better than pretty-good in terms of end result. A pretty good team has a shot against any of the really good teams in any given week. Landing that shot against the Pats would be amazing. Maybe enough for me to forget the Jacksonville game.