Lots of Info, Jets Tailgate, More, and Even More

Hello all,

How about that explosive offense? After a few duds, Sunday’s game was nice to watch. I thought the defense was going to carry the offense this year, not the other way around. Sammy can belittle my menial low paying 9-5 all he wants if he shows up like that every Sunday!

There is a ton in info in this e-mail. Tailgate, after party, victory party, Red in NYC, Sabres question, UB Sabres Event

Everything you need to know about our tailgate at MetLife is here:

Let me know if you have any other questions. The Jets tell me we sold about 600 tickets. Not our most, but not too shabby!

If anyone needs, Pete from McFadden’s has a friend with 2 tickets for sale in Coaches Club seating. $250 each. If interested, let me know and I’ll make the connection.

McFadden’s and Calicos
Yes, the bars are showing the game as usual:
“For Thursday, we’ll be offering the regular specials starting at 8pm (wings by the order), and additionally, a half price band good for domestic draft, well mixed drinks and wine for no charge. Also, we’ll take reservations starting tomorrow at noon (Tuesday).  The reservation can be made for as early as 7:30pm Thursday. “ 
Call 212-986-1515.

After Party Thursday Night
If anyone is interested, I got this invitation for after the game, which I’ll share with you all:
“I’m hosting an After Party after the Bills-Jets Game for a Group from Buffalo that I am hosting for the game.

I frequented McFadden’s for quite a few years starting back in 2008 (Rochester Guy) and know how special the camaraderie is that the experience brings about.

I thought I would extend an invitation to the Bills Backers Community as well.

There are shuttles to Redd’s (free and officially sponsored by them) from the parking lot at MetLife directly to the venue.


The deals are:
$20 for Unlimited Beer and Wine
$30 for Unlimited Beer, Wine and Liquor”

Victory Party at McFadden’s Friday Night
A huge group of out of town fans asked, and McFadden’s delivered. There will be a party at McFadden’s Friday night. The special is open bar from 10pm-1am for $30 and includes well mixed drinks, domestic draft beer (labatt included), and wine.

Red in NYC
In anticipation of Thursday’s red color rush unis, The Buffalo Bills want us to share our pictures with them all this week of you in something red taken at popular NYC landmarks. Lets not let them down! Send pictures with the subject line “Red in NYC” to Anna at Anna.Stolzenburg@bills.nfl.net

Sabres Fans
Where are you watching games nowadays? I’d like to share that info with others who might be interested as well.

UB / Sabres Event
Speaking of Sabres, UB is putting together another event:
Sabres/Islanders game on 1/1. Tickets are $45 and include a pre-game event at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Phew, I’m out of breath from all this typing and copying and pasting.


  • Matt Soreco