Here’s a full rundown of NYCBBB’s budget.

2003 Costs
Web Hosting – $99.00
Domain Name Registration – $20.00
Total 2003 Costs = $119.00

2004 Costs
Web Hosting – $99.00
Domain Name Registration – $20.00
FTP Pro – $44.95
YMLP – $45.00
Promotion Cards – $25.00
Total 2004 Costs = $233.95

Total 2003 and 2004 Costs = $352.95

Money raised on 12/5/04:
Money raised through 50/50 raffle: $320
Miscellaneous donations: $150
Total money raised = $470

Surplus to be carried over for 2005 expenses: $117.05

What are those expenses anyway?

Web hosting is the service we use to host our website, which in turn makes it available for everyone to see. This essential service is how many people find out about us. We use fatcow.com as our web host. The cost is $99 per year and is very reasonable for the great service they provide.

In addition to paying for a host, we have to register our domain name nycbbb.com. This costs $20 per year.

FTP Pro is a program we need to update our site. The $45 is a one time flat fee. FTP is used to send files back and forth to our web host, which in turn makes the files (like this very page) available for you all to see. For more info, visit ipswitch.com.

YMLP (your mailing list provider) is an e-mail newsletter management solution we selected to easily send our weekly e-mails to you all. The cost is $5 per month. It allows members to sign up and unsubscribe freely and helps us tremendously with the administration of our member list. Check them out at ymlp.com.

Promotion cards are business-like cards we hand out to Bills fans we encounter. We’ve printed out several batches already. We hand them out to Bills fans we find throughout the city. When we see a Bills fan on the street or in a bar, it’s easier to just give them a card instead of finding a pen and paper to write down all of our information. We have given out over 100 of these cards in the last few weeks and it’s turned out to be a great marketing tool.

That’s all of our expenses! Thank you to all who contributed!!!