RSVP for this weekend!

Hello all!

Anybody else disgusted this morning? I know I am! But you know what…the fat woman has yet to sing! The Bills have been down and out before and bounced back…so lets try to stay positive!

Thanks to all who came to our tailgate party yesterday! Especially to those of you that showed up at 9am and stayed til 6pm after 2 kegs of beer, several bowling ball shots, vodka soup, a 6ft SUB, and 3 trays of wings were decimated! If I learned anything…its that:
1) NYC Backers are AWFUL at kicking fieldgoals drunk in a parking lot (especially the Kresse family), and
2) never use glass bottles for pins when you are bowling in a parking lot with angry Jets fans around.


OK…to the point of this email….as you know this coming weekend is a holiday weekend. Several of you informed me that you will be in Buffalo for this weekend’s game. I’d like to get a headcount of how many people will be at McFadden’s to watch the Bills squish the Fish so McFadden’s can staff properly. I am returning early from a trip so I will 100% be there…as will Matt Soreco.

For this ONE time only…please let me know if you WILL BE at McFadden’s this coming Sunday by emailing me a “HELL YEAH” and how many people you are bringing.

If you aren’t coming, don’t worry about emailing me and I’ll see you in 2 weeks.

From me, Matt and the staff of McFadden’s…we’d all like to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!!

— Matt Kabel