Tailgate Pictures!

Hello all (390 of you!),

Matt Soreco put some pictures he took at the Jets/Bills tailgate on our website. Please go check them out by clicking on the link before. Just so you know….there is BOOZE in the bowling ball (you’ll understand when you see the pictures…trust me!). We have room for MORE PICTURES…so please send them to Matt and I when you get them.

Looks like we will have a nice crowd for the Miami game this weekend at McFadden’s as many of you have RSVP’d. I’ll see you there. WE’RE STILL IN THIS THING!!! I’M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!!

NYCBBB t-shirts are available for sale at McFadden’s for $15. Proceeds will go to Hunters Hope and the Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation. Please ask the your server/bartender to purchase one and help out these worthwhile causes.

Anybody else see the snow this morning??

Have a GREAT Thanksgiving!!

— Matt Kabel