Tailgate and Tickets

Hello all,

ONLY 2 more days!!!!!!!!

It appears some people still need tickets…email me AND post on our website if you have tickets you are looking to sell. nycbbb.com

It now appears that the first bus to leave Port Authority will be at 10:30…and after that its load n’ go.

One last time…we’re meeting in C-16 at 9:00am…a lot of people are coming, so the keg might not last long…so bring beer to be safe. Also bring sunglasses…its going to be sunny!

I may have found a tap…but if you have one…bring it! Also, if you have an extra table…let me know! We need to put the food that McFadden’s gave us on something!

I almost forgot…whoever is bringing a Bills flag…I DEMAND that an American Flag be flown with it.

I’ll see you guys on SUNDAY!!!


— Matt Kabel