NYC Buffalo Bills Backers Update!

Hello all (385 of you!):

Is everybody that’s going to the game as fired up as I am??? As of now, the weathermen are saying its going to be 50 degrees and sunny! The football gods are providing us with perfect gridiron weather!

REMINDER – we are meeting at 9:00AM IN LOT C-16. Bring beer, snacks, beer, a football…did I mention beer? I will have a keg of Labatt Blue, a couple trays of wings, and a 6 foot SUBMARINE SANDWICH…all supplied by our friends at McFadden’s! Also…bring a camera and take pictures so Matt Soreco can put them on our website! I encourage you to drive because the busses from Port Authority only run 2 hours before the game…and only 30 minutes after.

my cell phone #….AGAIN…is (516) 425-9463


Since the busses from the meadowlands stop running 30 minutes after the game, some people who want to do post-game tailgating have asked if anybody driving back to Manhattan will have extra room in their car. If anybody will, please let me know. Also, if you are one of these people looking for a ride, I suggest going around and asking your fellow Bills fans at the pre-game tailgate for a ride back to the city. Its a good reason to introduce yourself and meet everybody!

Let me know if you are still looking for tickets!

For those of you NOT going to the game…McFadden’s WILL be open and running the usual specials. Please patronize them. Several fans have told me they will still be going there, so you will not be alone if you decide to go. Again, can you beat Labatt Blue, wings, and Buffalo Bills Football with other fellow fans?

Visit our website for more details!!


— Matt Kabel