New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Tailgate!

Hello all,

Everybody hurting from yesterday’s loss? I WAS having a rough and depressing morning until I saw a girl throw up in front of me in Penn Station on my morning commute…then realized my day couldn’t possibly be as bad as HERS!! So now I’m fired up for this coming weekend!!!

My goal is for all of us to get together at the stadium EARLY before the game…then have some post-game celebrations after we beat the “Jokes from Jersey”. Lets all agree to meet in the stadium parking lot by 9:00 AM in Lot 16-C, which is where Bills fans have been meeting for some years now. I’ve heard the parking lot is packed by 10…so this is why I’m making the time so early…but as Bills fans…I think we can handle it!!!

McFadden’s has agreed to give us a keg of Labatt Blue (I call first keg-stand!!!), a couple trays of wings, and a 6 foot hero, which I will bring with me to the game…unless I drink it all on the way there! Should you bring beer and food regardless? YES! The way you guys have been going through beer on Sundays we can use all the alcohol we can get!

So in summary: Parking Lot C, Section 16 at 9:00 AM or earlier! Bring your own beer and food to be safe. Also, if somebody has a Bills flag that we can fly…that would be great! Lets make this as close as possible to tailgating in Orchard Park (FYI: the greatest Buffalo suburb). OH…bring a football too!


I will have my cell phone on and plan on being there if you can’t find us don’t hesitate to give me a call at (516) 425-9463

If you aren’t driving to the game, I suggest taking the Express Bus from Port Authority. Its $6.50 round trip and the busses leave as they are filled (like every 15 minutes). The bus picks up and drops off in Lot you’ll have to walk to C to find us. The busses run up to 30 minutes AFTER the game. Here is a link with this and other useful information:

OK…some of our fans still need tickets, including our own Matt Soreco! So try to find some and get in touch with me ASAP!

McFadden’s will still be open for our business on Sunday with the usual specials. If you aren’t going to the game, I suggest that you go there to watch the game! Do you really want to watch it home alone?

Feel free to email me questions/suggestions about the tailgate at mattk at or post on our message board


— Matt K