BIG news! CBS sports…

Hello all 600 Bills fans!

Remember how Matt got a phone call from Drew’s dad, Mac Bledsoe? Well, I was walking home to get some lunch yesterday and saw I had a voice mail. Ends up it was from Mac Bledsoe! He said he had good news and would call me later. So all day…I sat there watching my cell phone (also trying to figure out how he got my number) and finally after last night’s MNF kickoff he called!

First, he apologized for calling after such a crappy game, but then assured me that “Drew and the guys are going to turn this all around…don’t you worry!”

He then got down to business. He spoke to Matt S. a few weeks ago and said that CBS Sports will be doing a special on The Drew Bledsoe Foundation and how they sent autographed balls out to all of the Backers around the country to raise money. For the special, which will air after Christmas, they wanted to film one of the Backers, and we were one of the potential ones! Well, Mac Bledsoe informed me last night that NYCBBB will indeed be the Bills Backers that will be featured in the story!

Details are still being worked out, but the TENTATIVE plans are this: For the 11/9 Dallas game, a CBS Sports film crew will be at McFadden’s filming us cheering for our Bills. At Halftime, we will raffle off the Drew Bledsoe autographed ball and chances are, they will take footage of the winner receiving the ball that will appear on the special, as well as footage of all of us fanatics. Mac gave my number to the producers, so I should know more details soon and will let you know them when I do.

Alright…I’m giving you two weeks to make sure your Sunday, November 9th plans are to be at McFadden’s. I want to pack the bar and show the city… the COUNTRY what we’re all about! Lets prove to the good ol’ USA who the best fans are!

Matt “talkin proud and fired up that we’re going to be on TV!” Kabel