Charlie the Butcher

Hello all 615 Bills fans!


That scared the crap out of ya huh?? Happy Halloween!

Well, its a bye weekend for our beloved Bills. I’m sure we’ve been trashing them all week, which they deserved, but now its time to back them up. We’re 4-4, only 2 games out of first place, and Williams knows that its time to put up or shut up. McFadden’s WILL be offering the 12-6 special on Sunday if anybody is interested in catching the other games there.

CBS Sports
I am still waiting to hear from CBS Sports about them filming us next weekend. I know they are filming in Buffalo this coming week, so they should be in touch soon and I will let you know.

Charlie the Butcher!
I received an email from Charlie the Butcher yesterday. He will be in town next weekend, Friday through Tuesday, and will be at the Alto-Shaam Booth at the New York Restaurant show at the Javits Center.

ALSO…Charlie the Butcher said he would like to watch the Bills take on the Cowboys at McFadden’s, and volunteered to teach me to make beef-on-weck!!!! If the logistics work out, we’ll be eating beef-on-weck Charlie the Butcher style next weekend!!!

Buffalo Bills Documentary
Member Aaron Hejmowski has informed me that on Tuesday Nov. 4th at 4:30am on ESPN is the NFL Films special which was initially entitled: “Buffalo: A Town, A Team, and A Dream.” Be sure to check it out!

— Matt “Talkin proud and ready for Charlie the Butcher’s beef-on-weck!” Kabel