Blackout! Saturday still a go though…

Hello all,

Everybody enjoy the blackout???

Very interesting last night in the city walking around. Almost like a tailgate party as people were all outside on their stoops with candles, drinking. The entire city must have an incredible hangover today. I had a bunch of buddies crash at my pad because they couldn’t get home…hence Blackout Party 2003! Walked around Manhattan at midnight with a golf club cuz who knew what it would be like, but it was funny how cool people were. When people would ask what I had a golf club for.. I’d say “just playing through, did you see my ball?” Very humorous night. Did everybody see Mars? If not, check it out tonight. Anyhow, we are still on for the Bill-Titans game tomorrow night at McFadden’s. Specials start at 6:30. Thanks to all of you that RSVP’d…I will see you then!

— Matt Kabel