Saturday Night, Please RSVP

Hello all,

Well, this Saturday night at 8pm will be the first time most of us will get to see the 2003 Bills in action as they take on the Tennessee Titans! This will probably also be the only pre-season game that will be televised. I tried to go to the ESPN Zone Saturday night, but no football was on, and it was packed. Also, Times Square was filled with the “Moron Squad” (I’m going to stop right here in the middle of the sidewalk, not caring that I am blocking everybody’s way, just so I can take a picture of that big lit up sign!)

Anyhow, the game at McFadden’s will be on at 8pm and the specials will start at 6:30 ending at the conclusion of the game. Due to it being a Saturday night, I am asking that people RSVP if they plan to show up or stop by, just so I can hold tables. Even if you are a maybe, please let me know by replying a “Hell Yeah!” to this email.

C’mon into the city, have some cheap drinks at McFadden’s, watch the Bills, then go out after…sounds like a great plan to me! Just check out these specials:

  • $30 — all the wings you can eat and bottled domestic beer, Guinness and Harp draft, and bottom shelf liquor you can drink.
  • $25 — all the wings you can eat and the following draft beer you can drink (Labatt Blue, Fosters, Hard Cider, Bud, Bud Light, Coors Light, and Sam Adams).
  • $15 — all the wings you can eat and soda you can drink.

Directions and Wings
I never received more replies to an email than I did last week! MANY of you emailed me directions and recipes for wings. Almost all of you emailed the same directions, so there is in fact one superior route! We will post the directions on the web soon. We are still working on the recipe for wings and will have them perfected by the first game of the season!

— Matt K.