Any Buffalo Bills fans want to be on TV?

Hello all 615 Bills fans!

VERY quick email, I have a huge opera benefit (yeah, I did say OPERA) for the hospital tomorrow so I am swamped!

My alarm went off this morning, I shut it off. My phone rang right after, I picked it up. Yup, Mac Bledsoe on the other end calling me from the airport to tell me that CBS Sports WILL be there THIS Sunday filming us for the special they are doing on the Drew Bledsoe Foundation! The producer will be calling me later today to discuss details.

What I need from you:
I want to pack McFadden’s! The game is this Sunday at 4:15.

Regulars – I expect to see you there as always
1/2 Regulars – I expect to see you there
People who have been there once or twice – I want to see you there
Procrastinators that have never been – C’mon!! Isn’t being on national TV reason enough to make it???

Lets show America what the NYC Bills fans are all about!!!! We’re 4-4…lots of games to play!!

Oh…and wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey would be good!!!

OK…back to work for me! Talk to you guys tomorrow…

— Matt “talkin proud and swamped at work” Kabel