Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at McFadden’s

Hello 507 NYC Backers!

That’s right Bills fans, this weekend we reached our season END goal of 500 email sign-ups! Welcome to all the new members! Just so you know, we send out a weekly email with any updates for the following game-day at McFadden’s.

HAHAHA…31-0!!! We DESTROYED the Pats! Thanks to the 260 of you that showed up, and to those of you that were standing on the wall with your shirts off waving them in the air at the end of the game singing the Shout song! (yeah, that really happened!) I’m still laughing and fired up for this weekend!!

Serious stuff (gotta get this out of the way)
I was informed that many of you were bringing your alcoholic beverages outside with you or drinking through the large front window last Sunday. This is against the law and you’re putting both the bar and NYCBBB in danger. McFadden’s may be forced to put a door-man out front to prevent this from happening, and will throw out anybody caught doing it from now on. For our sake, just ask a fellow Bills fan to watch your beer while you step outside..hell, leave it on MY table and I’LL watch your beer!

Also, McFadden’s didn’t say anything but just as a reminder, the buffet wings are for people on the specials ONLY. Just want to make that clear before we really get going this week!


Labatt Blue
Labatt Blue will be supplying us with give-aways this weekend! How we plan on giving them away? No clue yet! Matt Soreco and I will be sitting at the booth next to the bar close to the bathrooms. Anything Bills-fanatic like will surely get you a give-away!

Big Crowd
Well, we’re the best team in the AFC East as of now, the game is in Florida and not nationally televised, and all of you regulars are back from Buffalo after last weeks destruction of the Pats. This basically means that we are expecting a HUGE crowd! People were lining up at 11:30 last week! Its pretty much a give-in that if you want a table or seat, be there at NOON! As you all know, McFadden’s is a huge bar so don’t worry, we have PLENTY of space!

Special thanks to member Tim Stroth, who picked up some Bills flags for the bar in Buffalo last weekend!

We learned that there are still lots of Bills fans watching the games at various bars around the city because they’ve never heard of us. I also learned this last week when I met a ton of new Bills fans I’ve never seen at McFadden’s before! We are asking if you could please visit your old stomping grounds before a 4:00 game and recruit more fans, as I’m sure Bills fans would love to join us!

HUGE game this week! We win we’re 2-0 and either the Dolphins or Jets will be 0-2!

THIS IS OUR YEAR!!! GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Matt K