Opening Day Pictures

Hello 510 NYC Bills Backers,

We have pictures from last Sunday posted on our pictures page. Check them out!

I encourage anyone who took pictures to send them my way. Even if you plan to take any in the future, send them to me and I’ll put them right up on our site.

The Ralph
If anyone was wondering where I was on Sunday, I was representing NYCBBB at the Ralph. I can’t even to begin to describe the energy of the crowd. I think I lost my voice half way through the Sam Adams pickoff return. I gained it back briefly when the “chowda, chowda, chowda” chant aimed at the handful of Pats fans in our section began. I’ll be back at McFadden’s on Sunday, with my voice back, sitting with the honorable Matt K. Stop by and say hi!

T-Shirt sightings
We got reports that there were several NYCBBB t-shirt sightings at the Ralph! We’re thankful to those who represented us. That puts a big huge NYCBBB stamp on the map!

Other news
Matt K. is biking 53 miles tomorrow, so if we don’t see him Sunday, fear the worst. Just kidding! I wish him the best of luck. I hope he remembers to wear some padded shorts. Biking that long can make you ummmm errrrrr a little saddle sore.

I’ll see you Sunday. Remember to get there nice and early if you want a seat. We’re going to pack the house this time.


— Matt Soreco