Cincinnati Bengals

Hello 562 Bills Fans!

This week the Bills hope to rebound against an up and coming Bengals team at the Ralph. I’m going to throw myself off the roof if they don’t blow this team out! The game is at 1:00 so I suggest being there before noon if you want a seat. You know the drill.

All-NEW NYC Bills Backers T-shirts are available at the bar with a cool Statue of Liberty logo designed by Backer Brian Krupkin. Shirts can be purchased from any McFadden’s staff member for $15.

Jets Party Bus
Please keep RSVP-ing to me if you plan on taking the McFadden’s party bus to the Jets game next week. Beer, football, food…what else do you need! Its going to be a debacle! Thanks to Backer Kevin Smith (no, not the director!) for offering to drive the 2 kegs of Labbatt and other food to the Lot for us!

Jets Tix
As of now I do not have any extra tix for the Jets game. If I come across any, I will email everybody next week and first come first serve.

Baby Joe’s Fight
Anybody have a copy of Baby Joe’s fight from Saturday night in Buffalo?

Disturbing Trend
I was in two different meetings this week, one here at the hospital and another at Lincoln Center. In both meetings, I had somebody say “pffff….this is New York, not BUFFALO!” and then have everybody in the room laugh. I give full permission to everybody on this list to SMACK the next person that makes this remark.

You think Takeo will be a little fired up to skin the Bungals?


— Matt “Talkin Proud” Kabel