New York Jets Tailgate

Hello 562 Bills fans!

Bills – NJ Jets Tailgate Next Weekend
We will be tailgating yet again for the Bills-Jets game on October 12th at the Meadowlands. The game is at 4:15, so I’m sure many of you will be there at 10:00am. We will again be tailgating in Lot 16-C as Bills fans have been doing for years. I have received confirmation, our fellow #1 Bills fan “Pinto Ron” will be driving to the tailgate from Buffalo and will have his world famous bowling ball with him. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please click on the link to last year’s pictures below. Labatt Blue has been nice enough to donate 2 KEGS to us, so we’ll have plenty of beer! Also, McFadden’s is donating a 6-foot hero to our cause. I am still looking into what other food to bring.

McFadden’s Party Bus
Here’s the plan for the McFadden’s Party Bus as of now. We’ll have the Bus leave McFadden’s at 12-12:30, bringing us to the Meadowlands around 1pm. The bus has to park in the bus lot, so we’ll park the bus and we’ll all walk to the tailgate in Lot 16-C. We will then drink and eat and drink more and be merry! After the game, we’ll come back to Lot 16-C and celebrate our victory and let traffic die down. We will then board the bus and go back to McFadden’s and have a few after-hours cocktails.

This is for people who are definitely going as space is limited (40 people). If you 100% want to do this, please RSVP to me by replying “HELL YEAH!”.

Volunteer Needed
Since the bus can’t park at the tailgate location, we need to get the kegs and food to Lot 16-C. Is there anybody that has a truck/van that will be driving to the game that would be willing to drive this stuff out there? I’ll pay for your parking and tolls.



— Matt Kabel