Contest and Reminder

Hello all 575 of you!

Very quick email…do you realize we’re going to GIANTS STADIUM in a SWAMP which is in a dirty INDUSTRIAL area in NEW JERSEY to see the Bills play the NY Jets? Is there a bigger joke of a football team? Give me my Ralph Wilson Stadium in green Orchard Park!

AGAIN…we will be in Lot 16-C!! Be there by 1:00 if you plan on parking near us. I will be there by noon with the kegs and the party bus will be there around 12:30. If I am holding tix for any of you, I expect you there early so I can get rid of them and drink freely!

My number one more time – 917-279-6798

I will see you Sunday afternoon for Bills, beer, and fun!!!

I have two tickets at face value $60 from one of our members….first come first serve. Let me know ASAP!

— Matt “Talkin Proud” Kabel