Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets

Hello all 575 Bills fans!

Man, I never thought this day would come! On Sunday I get to see our Bills live in action for the first time this season and I can’t wait! I’ll also be tailgating with over a 150 fellow Bills fans drinking kegs of Labatt Blue and doing shots out of the famous Pinto Ron bowling ball! Lets be honest here…does it get any better than this??? The game will STILL be shown at McFadden’s with the usual drink specials for those who can’t be there in person.

GREAT NEWS!!! Considering there will be a TON of us Bills fans at the tailgate, Labatt Blue has agreed to throw in ANOTHER keg of beer…so now we will have 3!!! Also, McFadden’s has been kind enough to throw in some dogs, chips, and pretzels along with the 6-foot SUB. The tailgating begins at NOON in LOT 16-C. Last year’s fans who arrived late did not get parking near us, so if you are driving I suggest getting there NO LATER than 1:00 if you want to be parked by fellow Bills fans.

Matt Soreco just emailed me in the middle of this and asked, “What do we do if it rains?”.

My reply, “Drink more”. True Bills fans will be there rain or shine!

My Contact Info
If you need help locating us…feel free to call me on my cell. My number is 917-279-6798

Party Bus
The party bus is leaving McFadden’s at NOON sharp. The bus is filled, and if you’re supposed to be on it, make sure you are at McFadden’s by 11:45!

Looks like I have 1 TICKET left in Section 305 for $75 sitting with a Bills fan. Who wants it???

Drink Special
We have sorted out the drink special with McFadden’s. The special will return to 12-6pm for the rest of the season. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Redskins Game
The Redskins game next week has been moved from 1:00 to 4:15pm. Hope this doesn’t screw anybodies plans up. (Like mine since I am driving up for the game and now can’t have dinner with my Orchard Park relatives and will now be having brunch with them instead!!)

See you SUNDAY in NEW JERSEY!!!!!!


— Matt “Talkin Proud” Kabel