Design a Logo Contest!

Hello all,

A few quick items. You didn’t think we’d go away in the off-season, did you?

NYCBBB’s design a logo contest!
The first year of the rebuilt Bills Backers club in New York City was a huge success. We currently have over 400 members and we’re still growing. We’re still always looking for areas to tweak and improve. One thing that would be great to have is a nicer looking banner and logo for our site, t-shirts, and other correspondence.

Since I admit that I’m no graphics expert (the current banner and logo was cut and pasted together crudely), we want to tap on the shoulders of fellow members, and friends of fellow members, who might be more proficient in graphic design. So here’s an opportunity for you or someone you know to showcase master design skills.

To enter, simply e-mail me and tell me you’re interested. The deadline to enter the contest is February 11th. Design specifications will be sent out shortly after. Contestants will then have 2 weeks to submit their work. Once all the entries are received, we’ll give NYCBBB members the opportunity to vote for their favorite. The winner will get full credit for the design, and will have the opportunity to promote their service (if it’s indeed graphic design that you do for a living) by having a page on our site dedicated to the winner. Remember the deadline to enter is 2/11!!!

Save the Sabres!
The following is a link for an online fan petition to keep the Sabres in Buffalo! Speak out and sign it!

Arena Football Anyone?
Please let me know if you’re interested in attending the April 6 Arena Football game between the Buffalo Destroyers and New York Dragons at Nassau Coliseum. If there’s enough interest, we’ll plan a tailgate party before the high-scoring Arena shootout.

— Matt Soreco