Save the Date and Address change

Hello all 400 of ya!

Everybody enjoy the snow this past weekend? Anybody else get annoyed by the typical New Yorkers that moved twice as slow due to the aftermath of the so called “blizzard”? Wimps…

Just a quick email:

SAVE THE DATE: April 26th – Draft Day, We will be throwing our 2nd Annual NYCBBB Draft Day party at McFadden’s on the 1st day of the draft (Saturday). As of now the Bills don’t have a 1st round pick…but with the Franchise Tag being placed on Peerless Price that could all change in the near future. Details about the party will be emailed to you as we put them together.

Looks like Matt Soreco received a good response to the logo contest. Also, be sure to e-mail him if you have interest in going to the Buffalo Destroyer game here in NYC on April 6th.

As always feel free to email me with any comments/suggestions!

Hope everybody is doing well!!!

Matt K