Hello all,

Just a quick email. Very slow off-season for the Bills, very busy time for me at work!

Draft Pictures
Here’s a link to some pictures from the draft party (including the bowling ball guy, Pinto Ron, from the tailgate party!!). The actual NFL Draft at MSG allowed something like 1,200 fans in. The guy with the Syracuse University shirt on was fan number 1,201, the guy next to him (his friend who is a Cowboy fan) was fan number 1,200…the Cowboy fan got in, the Bills fan got escorted out with guys holding machine guns…typical luck for a Bills fan!

Bruce Almighty
Anybody notice that a movie that takes place in Buffalo was #1 at the box office this weekend??!! If you get a chance go see Bruce Almighty, starring Jim Carey and Jennifer Aniston. Many of the scenes were filmed in Buffalo, Eyewitness News and the Sabres are featured in it, and I hear Buffalo comes out looking great in it! www.brucealmighty.com

Hope everybody is enjoying their spring!

— Matt Kabel