STILL Talking Proud!

Hello all 430 of ya!

Thanks to all of you that attended the Draft party…we should have pictures up on the website soon!

Here is a link with all of the Bills draft information from our friends at

Talkin Proud
Remember when I asked about the “Talkin Proud” song? Many of you wrote back your memories about the song and one of you sent me the actual song! If you wish to listen to that or the Shout! song go to

I even have the Buffalo Niagara Convention & Visitor Bureau looking for the actual commercial for me!

NYC Games
The Bills will be making TWO trips to NYC this coming season to take on the NEW JERSEY Jets and the NEW JERSEY Giants. Its never too early to hit up your friends and coworkers that have season tickets to the games. NYCBBB would like to throw a tailgate party for each! Hope no Giants fans try to back over our keg with their car like that Jets fan last year! The bowling ball shots await us.

If any of you have ideas for next season please let us know! I have been in contact with Labatt Blue and they would like to market with us next year! Also, some of the pre-season games are televised. I was thinking of showing the Miami snow game right BEFORE the season opener to fire things up for the season! Those are some of the ideas floating around, let me know what ya think and if you have any of your own!

As you’ve probably noticed, the emails from us are slowing down…its summer and believe it or not…we have lives outside of NYCBBB! HA! We promise not to disappear this summer and will keep you up to date on our developments. Hopefully I’ll bump in to some of you as I usually do!

So from Matt and I…have a wonderful summer, enjoy the beach, and have a margarita for us! And remember…WE’RE TALKIN’ PROUD!!!

— Matt Kabel