Drink Special, New York Jets info, and Flag Returned!

Hello all 562 fans,

Thank god the Bills pulled that win out! I was about to hang myself from one of the fans at McFadden’s!

Drink Special
I was alerted by SEVERAL of you that the drink special has been stopped an hour early at 5pm the last two weekends. Matt and I left promptly after the Eagles game last week and were never made aware of the change. I apologize for this and will discuss it with McFadden’s’ management ASAP.

Jets Party Bus
As of now, the bus from McFadden’s to the Meadowlands is filled. I will email those who will be riding with us later today. No need to worry for those who didn’t make the cut, there is an express bus that goes from Port Authority to the Meadowlands:

Flag Returned!
I received an envelope yesterday with an anonymous note and the stolen flag! The note apologized and said the stolen flag was good luck for the Bills. Obviously it was! A cold beer still awaits the person with no hard feelings if they wish to reveal themselves!

— Matt K.