The Drive for 5 Hundred

Hello all,

We’ve grown considerably in just one year. Last year, around this time, we had a little over a hundred names on our mailing list. Right now, we have over 460. That leads us to want to reach a new milestone before the season opener in just two weeks. Ladies and gentlemen, the drive for 5 hundred is on! It is your duty to pass the word to any and all Bills fans you come into contact with!!!

Knock on wood. So far the Bills have escaped the injury bug. The O looked back in form against the Rams. Moulds is an animal! Injuries to Jonas Jennings (concussion) and Travis Henry (twisted foot) turned up to be very minor. The Jets suffered the opposite fate – losing Pennington 12 weeks to a wrist injury. The Bills final preseason game is this Thursday against the Lions. Again, McFadden’s won’t be showing it, but you may want to check with ESPN Zone. I had no luck on the phone with them last time, but it’s worth a shot.

Buffalo Links
It’s been a while since I updated the Buffalo Links section of the site. A few people are regular buyers on Made in Buffalo If you know of any cool Buffalo sites, please let me know and I’ll throw a link up there.

We hope to see you all (well everyone not going to the opener) on the 9th!

— Matt Soreco